2018 Tasmanian budget estimates: focus on social housing target

The state government will need to oversee the completion of 291 social housing properties over the next 12 months to meet its four-year target of 444 new builds.

Health and Human Services Department executive director for housing, Peter White, detailed the quarterly roll-out of the planned new homes at a budget estimates hearing on Wednesday.

He said there would be 153 new homes completed by the end of June under the 2015 Affordable Housing Action Plan which would lift to 165 homes by the end of September.

The tally would grow to 193 homes by the end of the year, 223 by the end of March, and 444 new homes by the end of June 2019.

Housing Minister Roger Jaensch said much work would need to be done but highlighted 115 homes had been completed over the last three months.

The estimates committee heard evictions from public housing had risen over the past nine to 49 evictions.

Eleven of these were for anti-social behaviour, 19 for rental arrears, four for property damage, and 15 for other reasons.

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