Tent City in Sydney CBS Cannot stay

YOU can see how this is going to end, can’t you? Violently.

Maybe that’s the wrong word, maybe “forcefully” is better — but make no mistake, the so-called Tent City in Sydney’s financial district is going to be torn apart.

Police will have to do it, because what else can they do?

They just can’t allow people to set up row upon row of tents outside the Reserve Bank in the middle of Sydney’s financial district, and live in them, long-term.

And of course the organisers of Tent City won’t go quietly, because what would be the point of that? They’re there to make a point. A political point.

Tent City is indeed the flashpoint of an argument they’ve been making for years.

Therefore, police will have to go in, and that is going to be ugly.

There will be horses, rearing up.

Officers in riot gear.


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