A third of new social housing ready despite Govt claims ‘most’ were available

The Government will be hard pushed to meet its pledge of 1500 new social housing places before the end of this winter, according to a Salvation Army social policy expert.

“It’s unrealistic to think you can find 1500 more places by the end of winter. It’s just not going to happen. There’s just not the capacity there to do that,” Alan Johnson told Newshub Nation on Saturday.

But the Government thinks it is possible, announcing a $37 million dollar investment to urgently increase social housing supply to help the homeless this winter.

“No one needs to live in a car this winter,” said Housing Minister Phil Twyford at the announcement last Friday.

He said the 1500 places are “all secured and they’re all funded”.

“They’re a mix of new and additional public housing, so state- and community-provided housing, transitional and emergency housing, and Housing First places.”

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