Absolutely everyone: State disability plan 2017-2020

Absolutely everyone is the state disability plan 2017–2020 for the whole of the Victorian Government. We are committing to a range of action for achieving greater inclusion, in partnership with the community.

Our plan tackles the negative attitudes and barriers that more than one million Victorians with a disability deal with on a daily basis.

It sets out our priorities and actions for achieving inclusion under four key pillars:

  • inclusive communities
  • health, housing and wellbeing
  • fairness and safety
  • contributing lives

The plan focuses on key areas to drive change such as adopting a universal design approach, changing attitudes, increasing access to affordable housing, public transport, schools and jobs. We are also ensuring that people with a disability are able to make the most of the NDIS through a series of actions. These include working with communities to identify and address barriers to participation.

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