ACT doing such a ‘great job’ on housing that homeless are coming here

ACT Housing Minister Yvette Berry says the government is doing a “great job” on providing affordable housing to struggling Canberrans, under pressure over low housing affordability targets.

Ms Berry made the claim during a Legislative Assembly estimates committee hearing on housing on Friday, also saying homeless people, and those at risk of homelessness, may be moving to Canberra.

Ms Berry and Housing ACT officials faced a series of questions on public and community housing in the city from both the Opposition and Greens during the hearing.

It comes in the wake of sustained criticism of the government’s affordable housing targets, as land prices and median rents have soared in the city, leaving few properties affordable for the lowest-earning Canberrans.

Ms Berry told estimates she was hearing anecdotally that “more and more people are coming to the city, to the ACT, because we have such a positive message when it comes to supporting people who are at risk of experiencing homelessness or who are experiencing homelessness”.

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