ACT government holds fire on affordable housing targets

The territory government has again delayed revealing whether or not it will increase its affordable housing targets, despite such a call from Canberrans who took part in its own housing hub.

And it could be another year before a raft of other changes suggested by the hub on zoning, green space and dual occupancies would be implemented with the government referring all such matters to its planned Territory Plan review next year.

Planning Minister Mick Gentleman last week tabled the government’s formal response to the hub’s recommendations, the latest stage in the development of the ACT’s long awaited new affordable housing strategy.

But the response indicates little, if anything, will change with the government’s current approach to allocating land for affordable, public and community housing, following the release a week ago of its latest targets, which remain at levels that have been widely criticised as too low.

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Source: The Canberra Times