ACT government to introduce legislation for stronger protections for renters

The ACT government says it will introduce legislation for stronger protections for renters later this year.

Last week, the ACT Greens called for increased notice periods for tenants before they could be kicked out of a rental property.

Greens housing spokeswoman Caroline Le Couteur said there should be a 12-week notice period for people who, through no fault of their own, received notices of eviction.

Currently, a tenant must be given four weeks notice if the landlord, or a family member, intends to move into the property and eight weeks notice must be given if a landlord intends to sell the property. Twelve weeks notice must be given if the landlord intends to rebuild or renovate the property and landlords cannot do so while someone lives there. Twenty-six weeks notice is required if the landlord wishes to end a periodic tenancy without cause.

Ms Le Couteur said the proposal to require a 12-week notice period, except in exceptional circumstances, would provide good renters a reasonable buffer of time to ensure they could find a new place to live. She said the proposal would ensure landlords that intended to move in must apply for an exemption if they believed only four weeks notice was required.

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Source: The Canberra Times