ACT Housing continues to waste money, ignore tenants

Public housing is in crisis across Australia. Public waiting list times continue to grow longer and longer as demand for public housing has risen well beyond capacity, with the situation only getting worse by the year.

A report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare released in June 2018 shows that ‘Almost 190,000 Australians are on the social housing waiting list as the number of homes available fails to keep up with growth’, as published in this article by SBS News.

News Corp’s published a piece in March 2018 titled Average wait times for priority public housing applicants balloons by almost 50 percent in a year. There are numerous other examples available from this year, highlighting the crisis facing those waiting for housing nationwide.

The A.C.T. situation is no different, although with a smaller population than most other states; Canberra, too, has a public housing crisis and a waiting list that has ballooned over recent years.

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Source: Architecture & Design