ACT public housing demand forecasts not updated for six years

The ACT government has not updated its forecasts of demand for public housing dwellings for more than six years, despite a 2012 estimate tipping a potential shortfall of about 2000 dwellings by 2020.

Demand for public housing dwellings is set to hit 12,950 households by 2020, based on the now-expired 2012 public housing asset management strategy, up about 17.7 per cent since 2010.

But that five-year strategy, which guides how Housing ACT runs its 10,902 public housing dwellings, expired in January last year, and only in August this year did Cabinet agree to develop a new one, as it was a requirement of signing up to the new national housing agreement.

While the government is replacing about 1288 dwellings, in order to sell off land to help fund the light rail project, it faces continued criticism for not growing the total pool of dwellings, given rising demand.

The demand forecast in the 2012-15 strategy estimated a need for 11,000 dwellings in 2010, rising to 12,030 by 2015 and again to 12,950 in 2020.

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Source: The Canberra Times