Adelaide Commits to ‘Functional Zero Homelessness’ by 2020

An action plan has been developed to achieve functional zero homelessness in Adelaide by 2020, with a coalition of community service providers, government agencies and private sector organisations committed to leading the charge.

The Adelaide Zero Project was launched by The Don Dunstan Foundation in August last year, looking to target rough sleeping in Adelaide’s CBD and achieve functional zero homelessness.

This functional zero approach aims to have the number of homeless people on any given night no greater than housing placement availability.

After a 90 day design process, an action plan to reach functional zero homelessness was released on Thursday.

Politicians from all political parties signed on to support the Zero Project’s 2020 target, while more than 30 organisations committed to taking part in the action plan.

The Don Dunstan Foundation’s executive director David Pearson told Pro Bono News that it was a collaborative project.

“It starts with knowing every person sleeping rough in the city by name and creating what we call a ‘by name list’,” Pearson said.

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