Adelaide Lord Mayor aspirant vows to tackle homelessness in city within 60 days … but won’t say how

A LORD Mayoral candidate has vowed to end homelessness in the city within 60 days.

It’s the first major election pledge from Steven Kelly, a CBD dance studio owner, who declared it could be done by thinking “smart and simple”.

But Mr Kelly did not release details of his scheme — but a peak body for the state’s homeless says it’s an almost impossible promise to keep.

Mr Kelly posted on his campaign Facebook page late on Thursday night that if elected as Lord Mayor he would “lead the way to end street homelessness in the City of Adelaide in my first 60 days in office”.

“We need to think smart — most times a simple solution is the most effective solution! (sic),” he posted.

He has dubbed himself “the people’s voice” on his website.

Shelter SA chief executive Dr Alice Clark said she would be very interested how the Lord Mayoral candidate hoped to end street homelessness in the city, saying she hoped it simply wasn’t a relocation method.

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Source: The Advertiser