Advocating for the vulnerable at the heart of Daydawn’s work

With multiple factors currently contributing to an increase in homelessness, among other social issues, the work of agencies such as Daydawn Advocacy Centre in advocating for, and supporting, society’s most vulnerable, is more important than ever, according to its Director, Mark Reidy.

The Archdiocesan agency provides support services to Indigenous people, around issues such as housing and welfare, from its office in the Perth city centre.

In this way, it follows a mandate of promoting ‘the rights of the individual and the full participation of the Indigenous population in society’, recognising that, for many Indigenous people, their ‘rights and legitimate aspirations are often difficult to attain’.

Mr Reidy said the agency’s work often meant acting as a ‘buffer’ between individuals and government departments, providing the latter with knowledge about cultural issues and individual circumstances.

He provided the example of people often living in big family groups in public housing, because of cultural obligations to care for family members.

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