WA Affordable Housing Action Plan

The McGowan government’s Affordable Housing Action Plan 2017-18 to 2019-20​ commits to delivering 7,700 homes for people on low to moderate incomes, as well as investing in new construction that will support $2.3 billion in economic activity and almost 6,000 jobs over the three-year plan. It also increases the previous government’s 2010-2020 target of 30,000 affordable housing opportunities to a minimum of 35,000 by 2020.

The Plan reflects the Department of Communities focus on the connections between People, Place, Home – placing greater emphasis on where and how people live, not just what they live in. It delivers additional crisis and social housing for our most vulnerable citizens, expands transitional rental housing, and continues to support Keystart loans and shared home ownership for aspiring low to moderate income home buyers.

Led by Communities, the Plan’s success relies on the government, private and community sectors working creatively and collectively together to deliver new affordable housing solutions for people on low to moderate incomes.

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