Affordable Housing Party goes head to head for the seat of Bennelong

Former NSW Premier and Labor candidate Kristina Keneally won’t be the only name going up against Liberal MP John Alexander to contest the Bennelong byelection.

The founder of tenant advocacy website Don’t Rent Me and campaigner for renters’ rights, Anthony Ziebell is throwing his hat in the ring for a chance at representation.

Mr Ziebell, 31, representing the Affordable Housing Party, is looking to garner support from those within the electorate looking for solutions to Sydney’s “affordability crisis”.

A renter himself from Pitt Town – 56 kilometres north west of the CBD – he is hoping to appeal to the 36.1 per cent of the Bennelong electorate who rent, including from suburbs such as Ryde and Epping, as well as “countless” locals who care about housing affordability.

On the top of his wish list? Getting rid of negative gearing.

“We need to take every chance we can get to fix it.

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