‘Affordable’ housing proposal shuts out elderly, disabled, residents’ group says

The plan to build eight ‘affordable housing’ units on Argyle Street, Mullumbimby would ignore the needs of elderly and disabled locals and create traffic issues, a local residents’ group says.

In a stinging submission to Byron Council, the Mullumbimby Residents Association (MRA) said the proposal for a block of two-storey units on 28 Argyle Street was an ‘overdevelopment of the site’ that  should not be approved without major amendments.

‘There is a general recognition in the community that affordable housing is a necessity, but poor development proposals must be recognised for what they are,’ the convenor of the MRA Sonia Laverty said in the submission.

‘There is no attempt to be inclusive of young families with small children, older residents or those with mobility issues.

‘All units are two storey with the bedroom accessed by a spiral staircase – extremely difficult to negotiate for any but the young and fit.’

The MRA is also concerned that the units will not, in fact, be affordable.

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Source: The Echo

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