Affordable housing: who needs it and why

Dr Laurence Troy, UNSW City Futures Research Fellow

There is a growing shortfall of affordable housing in Australia. Here’s what you need to know.

Ben Knight: What is affordable housing?

Laurence Troy: People talk about affordable housing in two ways. The first is ‘housing affordability’, and that is about the cost of housing in general. So, that’s housing expenditure like prices, mortgage repayments, rents. The second is ‘affordable housing’, and that refers to housing targeted to specific income groups, usually those in low-paid jobs or key worker groups who struggle to pay rent in the private rental market.

BK: How is it different to social housing?

LT: In some ways, there’s not really a difference. We often talk about social and affordable housing together, because the same principle applies to both – it’s housing for people on very low and low incomes that is affordable to them.

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Source: UNSW Sydney

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