AHI Mentoring Program: Introducing Pilot’s Mentors and Mentees

In 2018 AHI is running its inaugural Mentoring Program in New South Wales that facilitates mentoring relationships, allowing members to share advice, knowledge and experiences.

The program enables links to be established between experienced social housing professionals from within the AHI membership and members who are seeking opportunities for career and professional development.

The program aims to match mentors and mentees with similar fields of interest, negating the barrier of geographical disparity.

The AHI Mentoring Program is currently in full swing, mentors and mentees are meeting on a regular basis since March 2018 to establish a solid and impactful relationship. We asked participants what they think about their experience so far and here is what they shared:

Robin Fletcher, Partnerships and Service System Manager, Link Housing, NSW – Mentee 

“I have found the mentoring program really useful and it has helped me to develop my skills, knowledge and experience in the social housing sector. It has really helped me to build self-confidence and challenge myself in the workplace. The advice and guidance I receive from Stephen is invaluable and will stand me in good stead for future development and growth.”

Stephen McIntyre, CEO, Wentworth Community Housing, Mentor

“I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Robin and working with him on the mentoring program. We have had some very constructive conversations across a number of topics, and hopefully that has provided some useful insights that will assist Robin in achieving his career goals. I believe the process has been a good learning experience for both of us. An unexpected benefit has been the opportunity to compare notes with Robin over a coffee on a shared passion – football of the ‘round ball’ kind!”

Julie Davenport, Manager, Neighbourhoods & Customer Services, Hume Community Housing, Mentee

“I am really enjoying the program, Tony has so much knowledge and experience and is also incredibly down to earth and approachable. He has been a huge help to me in assisting me to learn more about the sector history and current initiatives and wider housing issues in Australia as well as overseas. He has also supported me to focus on and progress my career aspirations within the sector, it has been an invaluable experience so far.”



Dr Tony Gilmour, President, Housing Action Network, NSW, Mentor
“The AHI has struck gold with the mentoring program: it is such a good idea I bet we all wish we’d suggested it years ago! I love my chats and laughs with Julie, though they remind me of just how hard people are working in the social housing sector. Mentors bring a perspective removed from day-to-day organisational issues, highlighting the bigger picture. Mentorees bring the fine grain knowledge of what’s happening on the ground, a refreshing antidote to the fine sounding words of Government housing policies. Julie and I are enjoying working together so much we’re writing an article for HousingWORKS, with – you never know – a book, film and national speaking tour to follow.”

Karen Walsh, Chief Executive Officer, Shelter NSW, Mentor

“My mentee and I are a great fit. We have made a solid connection,  developed a plan and a vision for our mentoring relationship,  which focuses on achieving management and leadership quick wins as well as longer term career goals. We have used leadership theory and frameworks to underpin our discussions on real life situations, and through this, making brilliant progress. Our mentoring relationship is based on principles of trust, openness and a safe place to talk and explore the possibilities. It’s fantastic to see how far we have come already”



We sincerely thank Blooming HR for the support of the Mentoring Program.