AHURI’s new chair wants to boost private sector influence

Newly appointed chair of the Housing and Urban Research Institute Adrian Harrington hopes to research in front of a broader audience, including more of the private sector.

“There’s a huge opportunity to better disseminate AHURI’s research,” Harrington told The Fifth Estate.

He says that the national independent research group is well-known by the academic community, the not-for-profit sector and the relevant housing entities in government but is not so well known in the private sector.

“And when you look at the contribution of the private sector to the housing market it’s significant. 

“So at the board and management level there’s a plan to broaden the message and brand and how the research can be used.”

Although the private sector is where its “brand is weakest”, Harrington says there are also opportunities to strengthen existing relationships with the relevant government departments that look after cities and urban planning.

Fostering engagement across all sectors and stakeholder groups is one of the strategic goals outlined by the organisation late last year. Something else the organisation hopes to do going forward, according to Harrington, is broaden the research agenda to inform planning and across the relevant sectors rather than look at housing in isolation.

“We need to look at it in the context of the urban environment. We need to spend more time in the urban research space,” he says.

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Source: The Fifth Estate

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