All housing professionals want to ensure a Grenfell tragedy never happens again

here are some events so huge they have a profound impact on the nation. The fire at Grenfell Tower a year ago is one of those rare events. The scale of the tragedy was so vast, and the human pain we felt so raw and immediate, that we all, in our anger, knew things had to change.

If that was generally true, it was even more so for those of us who work in housing. If you lead an organisation that provides homes, your worst nightmare is that someone dies because of actions or decisions you have made, or failed to make. Grenfell was that nightmare at a level beyond imagination or comprehension. The sense that we had to make sure it never happened again remains real and profound.

Since the fire, the sector has been checking and re-examining how safe our buildings are. This was most urgent for those who own or manage high-rise buildings, but it was true for everyone. Many housing associations with two- or three-storey street properties have carried out new fire and safety risk assessments. Fire wardens have been deployed and updated information provided to residents.

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