Anti-social public housing louts booted out under ‘three strike’ laws

DRUG dealers and thugs are being given their marching ­orders in record numbers under tough new laws to stop the abuse of taxpayer-funded public housing.

Strict anti-social “three strikes and you’re out” measures that kicked in 18 months ago have triggered more than 1000 warnings, black marks against tenants and evictions. Among those turfed for constant bad behaviour was a ­Millers Point woman who lost her housing after three consecutive police raids allegedly found the drug ice.

And a Wollongong man was booted out when he allegedly poured lighter fuel on his NSW Housing Commission complex neighbour and set him on fire.

New figures from the NSW Department of Family and Community Services show 2012 cases of anti-social behaviour were investigated in the 2015-16 financial year, with 113 people handed a first strike, 40 getting a second strike and 27 were evicted following a third warning.

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