Arrows CEO Calls for End to Domestic Violence-Related Homelessness in National Housing Conference Housing Address

Ending homelessness caused by domestic and family violence will take effort and commitment from diverse sectors using evidence-based solutions, a national housing conference will hear Friday in an address by ANROWS CEO Dr Heather Nancarrow.

Dr Nancarrow will give a keynote address, The Safe House: the role of housing in domestic and family violence, at the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute’s (AHURI) tenth National Housing Conference today in Sydney. The AHURI conference is the largest social and affordable housing event in Australasia.

In her address, Dr Nancarrow will draw on findings from research commissioned by ANROWS—Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety—as part of Australia’s National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and Their Children.

This includes research into economic abuse and “safe at home” initiatives, which aim to permit victims of domestic violence to remain with their children in their home and connected to social networks, employment, extended family, and children’s schooling and friends.

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