Ask Izzy Expands To Provide Support For People Experiencing Family Violence

A mobile website which has been described as a “saviour” by people experiencing homelessness is to launch a new project to assist people fleeing family violence, with funding assistance from the NAB Foundation.

The Help at Hand project, an initiative from technology not for profit Infoxchange, will build on the Ask Izzy site, a one-stop shop to connect people with housing, meals, counselling,and health support.

It comes after Infoxchange secured $500,000 from the NAB Foundation to further develop Ask Izzy’s outreach to survivors of family violence, on the back of a successful launch in January 2016, with 400,000 site searches to date.

Infoxchange CEO David Spriggs said the Help at Hand project would enhance the site for women who had experienced family violence and further promote Ask Izzy as a way to connect women with essential services including housing, money help, support and counselling.

“We are committed to tackling family violence, and believe that technology can be an effective solution to providing better support for individuals affected by needless violence,” Spriggs said.

“With NAB’s support, we will be able to connect and empower more people who are experiencing family violence with Ask Izzy and help them find the support they need.”

Spriggs said people escaping family violence had been some of the most frequent users of Ask Izzy and made up the largest group of people searching for housing.

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