Auckland Housing Accord ‘dismal failure’ on affordability

Auckland Housing Accord 'dismal failure' on affordability

New figures show 98 free-market affordable homes have been built under the government’s Auckland Housing Accord.

The chair of Auckland Council planning committee, councillor Chris Darby, has called the Accord a “dismal failure” in addressing affordability.

The Housing Accord ran for three years from October 2013, but was then extended by seven months.

It offered fast-track planning to accelerate home construction and improve affordability, and at one point, there was a total of 154 Special Housing Areas (SHA) under the accord.

An analysis by Auckland Council sets out a detailed picture of what the government’s SHA legislation has delivered.

Council data shows 3157 homes were completed in SHAs by the end of June, when monitoring ended.

Of these, 580 were categorised as affordable, and were split into two categories.

In the first, there were 482 dwellings classified as “retained affordable”; this is generally social housing and mostly built by either Housing New Zealand with joint venture subsidiary Tamaki Redevelopment Company or the Waimahia development run by the Housing Foundation.

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