Auckland housing shortage solution left to mayor

Analysis – And then there was just one multi-sector housing group trying to tackle Auckland’s shortage.

Housing strategist Leonie Freeman has pulled the plug on her 19-month philanthropic bid for an independent body to set, monitor and deliver on home-building targets.

What appeared to be a second public snub from the office of the mayor Phil Goff, has prompted Ms Freeman to wish him well with his own taskforce which he describes as the key forum on the issue.

The move has ended an awkward stand-off that began within weeks of Mr Goff’s October 2016 election.

Mr Goff rejected a request from Ms Freeman, made earlier to Auckland Council to help fund the group, instead swiftly setting up his own taskforce on the issue.

His tongue-in-cheek hope that it would cost “no more than a morning tea and a couple of muffins” had passed the $50,000 mark mid-last year.

Ms Freeman’s group continued, with a couple of well-attended industry forums, and a database she puts at 500 to 600.

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