Auckland’s affordable housing issue comes around again and again, like a carousel

OPINION: What do solutions to Auckland’s housing crisis, and the Australian television sitcom Kath and Kim have in common?

The line: “It’s deja vu all over again.”

Auckland councillors have seized with urgency the need to find new ways to make renting or ownership more than a dream, not just for young first-timers, but working households.

Much of the renewed debate is a re-run of where they were five to eight years ago.

The mayor’s housing taskforce hastily-convened after his election in 2016, whipped up a list of issues, many of which are also in the council’s Housing Action Plan from 2012.

Take the concept of “inclusionary zoning”, or requiring proportions of new developments to be genuine affordable homes.

Auckland councillors backed away from the notion in 2013 as they pulled together the proposed development blueprint, the Unitary Plan.

Now it’s back, with a seeming 180 degree turn from the mayor Phil Goff.

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Source: Stuff NZ