Auckland’s homeless urge govt to act

Auckland's homeless urge govt to act

As political parties vie for a spot in the next government, homeless people are urging them to make affordable housing a top priority.

Yesterday marked World Homeless Day and around 100 people gathered in Auckland’s Aotea Square to provide support to those in need.

A recent Auckland Council study estimated there were 23,409 homeless people living in Auckland – an increase of more than 3000 over four years.

Sammy Heart has been homeless on and off for five years and said things were getting worse.

She said she wanted more action from the government and that New Zealand First leader Winston Peters was the man for the job, as he was the only politician who had turned up to the Auckland City Mission to talk about his plans to help.

“Labour and National, they’re always talking about how they’re going to help the homeless but not once do they come and talk to us.”

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