Audits of ACT public housing maintenance work boosted after failings found

The territory government has boosted the number of checks it completes on public housing maintenance work, after an audit found oversight of the chief contractor, Spotless, was found to be ‘inadequate’.

That audit found the work completed under the government’s $48 million contract with Spotless to maintain over 10,000 public houses was not being audited properly as to ensure quality of the work.

Despite the audit finding a series of problems in Spotless’ management of its, and its subcontractors work the government last year renewed the multi-million dollar contract last August for two years.

Housing Minister Yvette Berry on Thursday officially responded to the audit report, saying the government had implemented all 18 of the ACT Auditor-General’s recommendations.

She said the government was also talking to stakeholders including the Tenants Consultative Group, unions and industry players on what more could be done to improve public housing.

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