Bad tenants on notice as evictions rise

Disruptive and negligent public housing tenants have been put on notice, with the number kicked out of of government properties increasing by 37 per cent in the past financial year.

Housing Authority figures reveal that 680 tenancies were terminated last financial year, compared with 495 in 2015-16 and 389 in 2014-15.

Housing Minister Peter Tinley said terminating a tenancy was the last resort for the Department of Communities but it was rigorous in dealing with bad tenants

“These figures demonstrate that the Department of Communities (Housing) is taking a more active approach in managing poorly performing tenancies, particularly in instances of disruptive behaviour by tenants,” he said.

“The Department of Communities prefers to preserve tenancies wherever possible.

“Terminating a tenancy is time consuming and often costly in terms of staff time and legal costs.

“It also has significant impact on families and the wider community.”

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