Barry Soper: Why David Seymour has a point about state housing

The political Fred Astaire kicked up merry hell a few weeks back about a state housing block that was going to be built in his plutey electorate saying that some of the occupants will bring with them mental health issues.

Act’s David Seymour was pilloried, accused of stigmatising those less fortunate than himself, although looking at his truckie toes on the dance floor, he’s in no position to be casting aspersions.

But surely he does have a point considering these days if you move into a state house you can be there for as long as you like and get up to what you like. No-one’s going to throw you out.

Housing New Zealand’s zero tolerance policy has become a policy of appeasement.

If you’re living next door to a state house whose occupants party 24/7, assisted by the P pipe, you are probably wondering how they can get away with it.

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