Bay of Plenty Smart Growth report on housing need

Research carried out by CHA business unit, Community Housing Solutions Ltd, on housing demand and affordability in the Western Bay has painted a picture of declining home ownership, hardship and a rising demand for rentals by couples and people living alone. A housing action plan has been pledged after the study revealed that nearly half of Tauranga’s householders would be living in rentals within the next 30 years.

The Bay of Plenty Times says an analysis of figures showed that only 1300 of Tauranga’s 16,500 renters earned enough to affordably buy a house at the lower end of the city’s housing market. It did not include the 2200 households in social and emergency housing.

The report was commissioned by SmartGrowth, the multi-council agency that dealt with growth-related social issues and planned where development should happen.

”How much do you want to intercede in the market. Is there the political will,” regional councillor and former Tauranga mayor Stuart Crosby asked.

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