‘Better Services’ for Public Housing Tenants: The Right Support, at the Right Time, for the Right Duration

At last year’s National Housing Conference, Satnam Singh from Housing Community Services in the ACT ran through the Modernising Tenancy Services reforms as one outcome of the ACT Government’s Human Services Blueprint since its launch in May 2014. Following is an adapted version of this presentation, including the authorship of Lisa Davis and Lynton Sheehan.

Housing Community Services (HACS) manages approximately 11,500 tenancies across the Canberra region. In recent years, HACS has seen a significant change in the tenant profile with increasing vulnerability and risk factors, including such things as mental health, disability and domestic violence, as well as cohorts of refugees.

In May 2014, the ACT Government launched its Human Services Blueprint (Blueprint), a framework to support greater economic and social participation by all Canberrans, by designing its human services system to be person-centred, strengths-based and sustainable. The Blueprint enables a cohesive human services system that provides the right support, at the right time, for the right duration through services – such as health, education and public housing – adopting a three-tiered service delivery structure:

  1. Access: enhanced provision of accessible information and self-support options;
  2. Prevention and early intervention: early resolution of issues and prevention of escalation into higher service costs; and
  3. Intensive services: targeted and tailored support for complex clients and situations to reduce the level of service use over time
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