Call for reviews to stop for all state housing tenants

An advocacy group wants all state housing tenants to be exempt from proving they deserve to continue living in their homes.

Yesterday Housing Minister Phil Twyford announced more than 80 percent of Housing New Zealand tenants would not need to be reviewed every three years.

Some tenants were already exempt, but the changes now include families with dependent children aged 18 years and under, tenants who are over 65-years-old or have partners who are, and those with severe disabilities and health conditions.

People with an agreed lifetime tenure with Housing New Zealand and tenants providing full-time care for those who would otherwise need hospital care would also be exempt.

Mr Twyford said up until he paused tenancy reviews in March this year, the Ministry of Social Development was undertaking 3000 reviews per year.

“We know that reviews create unnecessary stress and uncertainty for vulnerable groups, given that most of them will remain eligible for public housing,” he said.

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Source: Radio NZ