Canberra housing innovation fund a good start, but more public houses needed

Advocates are hopeful the government’s “innovation fund” – which will pilot housing affordability programs already in place across the country – will help ease Canberra’s housing crisis, but say an increase in public housing is still key.

ACT housing minister Yvette Berry announced $1 million to fund projects to address housing affordability at a long awaited housing summit this week.

It would see elderly people wanting to still live at home matched with socially conscious renters, implementation of Melbourne’s Nightingale Model, and property owners given the opportunity to offer their properties at below market rates to support people seeking affordable housing.

The fund could also allow for other projects discussed at the housing summit this week to be funded.

The three chosen pilots are all based on models implemented in other parts of Australia and were included in the ACT Parliamentary Agreement between the Greens and Labor.

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