CEDA housing report: Is it time to let go of the great Australian dream?

Housing affordability issues are likely to persist in some capital cities and could have longer term economic implications for Australia, while the issue of land supply needs greater focus, according to CEDA’s latest report, Housing Australia.

“The aim of this report is to provide a holistic review of housing in Australia and look at some of the drivers,” CEDA Research and Policy Committee Chairman, Professor Rodney Maddock said.

“CEDA’s research shows that barring any major economic jolts, demand pressures are likely to continue over the next 40 years and supply constraints will continue. This is particularly the case in capital cities with a growing population and where an increasing proportion of Australia’s population are expected to reside.

“Often the debate around housing affordability is centred on a few topics such as foreign investment, negative gearing and interest rates. “What the CEDA report highlights is that while these might be some of the factors, the issue is far more complex and without changes now, could have longer run consequences.

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