Chch streeties label plan to address begging and homelessness ‘crap’

Plans by Christchurch City Council to help curb a rising homeless population has worried some of the people who live rough.

The council estimates there are more than 200 homeless people in Christchurch, and it anticipates that number will rise.

It now wants to give $70,000 to the City Mission to fund a new outreach worker – the mission will fund a second.

However one Christchurch streetie, known as TFT, did not think any of this would help people who have to rough it on the street.

“A load of crap,” he said, when asked about the plan.

TFT said he did not think the authorities had a good track record of helping the homeless, and he did not believe that would change any time soon.

“The police … nothing at all, the City Mission, nothing at all. Not one of them has ever thought ‘I’ll get four vans and take them to a work site and give them a starting wage’.”

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Source: Radio NZ