CHL Continues to Deliver on its Mission of Building Sustainable Communities

In continuing its important role of development of sustainable communities in East Timor, CHL Timor, subsidiary of Community Housing Ltd (CHL), the largest Australian not for provider of affordable housing, has facilitated a donation of 62 working computers to six primary schools in East Timor, half of which are constructed by the company.

In addition to the provision of affordable and sustainable housing, CHL Timor believes in long term investments in skills and education in its communities and this is a yet another initiative towards providing local children with the resources to gain skills for the future.

The donation has been made possible due to a partnership with Rohan MacLaren, an Australian model and TV personality who is also CHL’s ‘Community Development Ambassador’.

Six primary schools including Centro Aprendizagem e Formacao De Dili, Esino Basico Filial 7 de Setembro, Esino Basico Canossa, Jesuit School Casait, Suai School and San Carlos – all dotted around Dilli and Suai – were announced as a recipient of 10 computers each at a special event at St Carlos School, a project built by CHL Timor.

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