Community and Government working together on social housing

Community and Government working together on social housing

Gaps in housing need to be plugged by both the community and the Government, Social Housing Minister Amy Adams says.

She met with a range of Manawatu social housing organisations during  a visit on Thursday, and acknowledged concern about pressures on social housing. These were partly caused by issues in the wider housing market, such as land availability, she said.

“While the Government has a significant role, it’s heartwarming to see communities working out the part that they can play.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time where we’re no longer seeing Housing New Zealand as the only provider.”

There were plans to address the strain, and the situation was not a crisis, she said.

“Palmerston North, as we’ve seen in other areas, it probably hasn’t been building as many houses as it needs.

“The main social housing stock was built in the 1950s. It’s had a hard life.”

Hotel rooms used for emergency housing were a necessity for now, but shouldn’t be needed in future.

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