Community trust wants $20 million to build 100 social houses in Masterton

With the region left out of plans for state housing in the provinces, a Wairarapa community trust is asking the Government for $20 million to build social houses in Masterton.

Community-owned trust, Trust House, owns and manages most social housing in Wairarapa, many of which are located on the east side of Masterton in an area known as the Cameron Block.

The trust has put a proposal to the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) for $20m in funding, which would be used to replace 27 existing homes with a new 100 house subdivision.

Trust House chief executive Allan Pollard said if community housing providers in New Zealand can get a capital subsidy, then they can improve supply.

“The thing that is holding us back is money and that is where the Crown and MSD come in,” he said.

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