Concern as Government cuts up front funding for new community houses

Funding changes mean the Government won’t be able to build enough homes to meet the needs of the 10,500 vulnerable Kiwis on the public housing waiting list, housing advocates say.

And there are concerns the current process will only create future ghettos.

They said the Government seemed to be cutting community groups out of the process of building the new homes.

But Bernie Smith, the chief executive of Māngere-based Monte Cecilia Housing Trust, said Twyford’s actions indicated otherwise.

The Government had approved an up to $2.9 billion “war chest” for Housing NZ to build new homes, yet taken away upfront funding to help community groups get projects off the ground.

“The difference with the Labour Government is they are looking at the numbers game rather than looking at building strong healthy communities,” he said.

“And some of us are really concerned about the density that they are creating for Housing NZ properties.

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Source: NZ Herald