‘Couldn’t pay $300 rent when my pension’s $280’: Growing number of elderly facing homelessness

After falling into debt 30 years ago, Lee Blake, 81, was forced to sell her home and has been living on and off the streets ever since.

Unable to afford the rising cost of rent, she has spent the last few years living out of a bus on the northern beaches of Sydney.

“I couldn’t pay $300 a week rent when my pension’s $280 and I do like to eat, so if you live in the street you think, ‘Well, at least I’m eating,'” she said.

“You’re never really comfortable, you’re never really happy, you’re never really safe, but that’s life.

“I grew up in very big family, but gradually they all disappeared, they’re either all dead or they’ve vanished, I don’t really have contact with anybody.”

A new report from Mission Australia shows that about 22,000 people aged over 55 sought homelessness services between 2015 and 2016, up 15 per cent from the previous year.

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