David Penberthy: Opening doors for those out on the street

A MIDDLE-AGED homeless man has taken up residence outside my local servo. He moved there about a year ago and has been there every day ever since.

He is a harmless person who doesn’t hassle anyone. He keeps his eyes peeled for smokers as they leave the store, politely asking if he can cadge a fag. Apart from that he keeps to himself. He props himself up on a rickety old walking frame. He wears ill-­fitting pants and sometimes when he is walking around out the front of the servo or in the side street near the local park, his dacks fall down.

A couple of months ago I was in the servo waiting to pay for petrol when a man in front of me started complaining loudly to the staff. He was asking them to call the police to move the homeless man on. He explained that when he pulled in front of the store, with his teenage daughter in the front passenger seat, they copped an eyeful of the homeless man’s private parts. His dacks had fallen down again. The man was bordering on hysterical about the fact that his precious daughter had seen the homeless bloke’s old fella.

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