David Seymour slammed for letter saying social housing tenants may have ‘mental health issues’

The Mental Health Foundation are “appalled” by a “stigmatising letter” ACT leader David Seymour wrote warning that new social housing could bring in people with “mental health issues”.

Seymour says he was just simply setting out “the facts of the matter”.

His letter to constituents concerns an application from Housing New Zealand to redevelop a block of land on Banff Avenue and turn it into a five-storey 25-unit block.

Seymour’s letter to residents, inviting them to a public meeting with Housing New Zealand last Wednesday, set out his concerns with the proposed development.

Most of this surrounded infrastructure, but for one line: “There is also a chance that some of the residents will have social and mental health issues who will need to have special support measures in place.”

Mental Health Foundation CE Shaun Robinson said Seymour held an influential position that could shape public opinion.

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