Domestic violence, elder abuse and rent stress leading to more women becoming homeless

A bleak picture of women over 55 sleeping rough and coming to refuges after marriage breakdowns or being ripped off by younger family members has been painted by Mission Australia.

General manager for aged care, Jill Bicknell, said more women were at risk of homelessness.

“I can see that it will go up,” she said.

“We are seeing a lot more women who are on the street.

“Some are trying to flee domestic violence.

“It is a lot more visible now in Orange.

“Women are coming out of marriage breakdowns and they don’t have superannuation.

“Some are sleeping rough, some are in refuges.

“Some are coming from very unaffordable rentals, they’ve not got the money to feed themselves.”

Ms Bicknell said elder abuse, where older women were mis-treated mainly by family members, was increasing in Orange and Sydney.

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