Easy to find yourself homeless

IT DOESN’T take much to become homeless and statistics state there are hundreds of thousands of Australians who are currently in this situation, with Caboolture said to have a significant problem.

Caboolture Community Action president Sharin Geeves said homeless people don’t always fit the stereotype.

“It’s the person next door or even yourself,” she said.

“It only takes one or two incidents to knock the whole deck of cards down and all of a sudden people find themselves without a home.”

The Caboolture Family Haven provides supported housing for families and manager Gail Torrens said domestic violence and mental health were two of the leading causes.

“No one chooses homelessness,” she said.

According to the most recent Australian Bureau of Statistics housing data, there are 105,237 people facing homelessness in our country.

A Caboolture Regional Domestic Violence Service spokeswoman agreed thatdomestic and family abuse were a leading cause.

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