EasyBuild House Packs – part of the solution?

It’s no secret that New Zealand is in the midst of an affordable housing crisis. With the new Labour Government’s ambitious goal of building 10,000 houses per year for the next 10 years, it’s obvious something has to change and fast – not just to make housing more affordable but to provide for the speed with which these houses need to be built, and to accommodate the shortage of skilled labour.

EasyBuild House Packs have a Kiwi solution for NZ’s problem, and are looking to change the way we build houses for the better. Providing a low cost, high quality building solution with quick on-site build time, EasyBuild House Packs deliver a partially constructed house pack, direct to site. The unique construction system’s timber portals and pre- nished exterior panels mean the house can be closed in within one week, and fully completed in as little as six weeks.

A wide range of one to four-bedroom designs are available, as well as multi-units and a community hall. Using only products that are tried, tested and trusted in the NZ market, the nished result is a high quality, robust home that provides a low-cost, fast solution for new houses, in ll housing and social housing.

The system also provides employment opportunities at its Masterton-based factory, which can currently produce one house a day in only one shift. EasyBuild House Packs can be constructed easily by semi-skilled labour, also creating jobs in local communities nationwide. As a result, the wider pool of people available to build these new homes means extra capacity is being added to an over-committed existing workforce. Homeowners can also choose to build their own house should they wish, with an easy to follow step-by-step guide.

EasyBuild House Packs are designed for NZ conditions and come complete with a rigid air barrier, drained cavity and roof ventilation. With National MultiProof Approval from MBIE on
all the designs, getting local consent is twice as fast and half the cost. Combined with a smooth manufacturing and delivery process, house packs can be on-site, consent received and the build underway in as little as one month after order.

Ultimately, New Zealand is in great need of an affordable, practical and local housing solution to meet the demands of its growing population, without placing increased pressure on the existing workforce. Could EasyBuild House Packs be the integral part of the solution we’ve been waiting for?