Eleven solutions to the housing shortage

This is a story about housing supply and how we can get more of it. It’s not about the increased cost of housing or the difficulty young people face getting their first home. It’s about the fact we need more homes.

It’s based on the knowledge that for some years we haven’t built enough homes to shelter the increasing population.

Cost and supply are related, but if there’s to be a discussion about buying homes, there need to be homes to buy.

“At the moment we’re producing under 7000 homes a year in Auckland,” says Professor John Tookey, head of AUT’s Department of Built Environment. “We need 15,000 a year, so year on year we’re getting a bigger gap.”

One way to close the gap may be to think differently about the kind of dwellings we inhabit.

Maybe we can’t continue to live in free-standing houses on their own patch of land.

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