Experts call for government to focus on Māori affordable housing, not just Kiwibuild

Smaller housing developers are being locked out by bureaucracy costs, and experts say the government must connect people with expertise so affordable housing, particularly for Māori, can be built.

Te Rūnanga o Kirikiriroa had planned to build 62 units in Hamilton suburb Enderley, but had to abandon it due to costs and time constraints saying the project was was “far larger and more complex” that they initially thought.

It is now selling the land, and has asked the council to ensure that whoever buys it must build affordable homes on it.

AUT Māori studies and management senior lecturer Ella Henry is also a researcher for the National Science Challenge: Building better homes, towns and cities.

She tells Nine to Noon there are several problems that need to be solved.

“We’ve finally acknowledged that we have a housing crisis, we have an affordability crisis, we also have higher numbers of Māori in unemployed states and living in powerless situations,” she says.

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