Families searching for rental homes in Hobart label Tasmanian housing summit ‘all talk’

The Tasmanian Government’s urgent summit to address a dire housing shortage has left one family at the coalface less than optimistic that help is on the way.

Philip Hogue and his family are living with his mother and terminally ill father in a two-bedroom unit in North Hobart.

After years living in Melbourne without an issue, they recently moved back to Hobart to care for his father.

“It’s been quite hard for us as a family. We never expected to stay here for the amount of time we are now,” he said.

“We’ve got money to move out. That’s not an issue. We just need to find the right property to move out to.”

Watching footage of Premier Will Hodgman speaking after Thursday’s housing summit, Mr Hogue was not that impressed.

He wants the State Government to put other issues aside to focus on the increasing difficulty in finding a home — a situation which has seen families sleeping in tents at Hobart’s showgrounds.

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