Former homeless man Shane in much better place now after FACS finds a house for him in Riverwood

SHANE felt like “he had won Lotto” when he received a phone call from the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) in February.

The call was to tell Shane that FACS had secured a permanent home for him in Riverwood.

For Shane, who did not want his surname revealed, it was just the news he wanted to hear after being homeless for almost 10 years.

August 7-12 marks Homelessness Week and in 2017-18, FACS will spend $15.4 million on specialist homelessness services.

After the travel customer service manager was made redundant, he became depressed, drank heavily, spent his payout and ended up on the streets.

“It (homelessness) can happen, very, very quickly and it’s just a downward spiral,” Shane said. “You don’t realise how bad it is until you reach rock bottom.”

Shane slept rough in Martin Place but left because of the violence, alcohol and drugs and ended up sleeping in a disabled toilet in The Domain.

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