Former Vancouver tent city site to become social housing

Council approves rezoning for 231-unit building at 58 W. Hastings.

The City of Vancouver has approved a rezoning to build a 231-unit social housing building on a Downtown Eastside site that previously hosted a homeless tent city.

Building the housing was a key promise made to residents of the former camp, which was located at 58 W. Hastings St. from June to November of 2016. Following a meeting with residents at the Carnegie Community Centre on Aug. 2, 2016, Mayor Gregor Robertson signed a handwritten pledge to provide “100% welfare/pension rate, community controlled social housing at 58 W. Hastings.”

Under the current funding commitment, just half of the housing units will be rented at rates affordable to people on welfare, but that number could rise if other funding partners come on board, according to the city.

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